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Is Chinese really that difficult? Bu! Not it's not. This is the word 'Bu' and it means 'No' or 'Not'.

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Ren Ren Ren! Our story's hero is here, revving up his scooter.. 'Ren Ren!'. The word 'Ren' means person.

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In the Newby Chinese learning system, you will be brought on a memorable adventure across a magical land. Who are the naughty robots that stole the baby?

How it Works


"Never mind just Chinese, this is the best language-learning platform I've ever seen ...and I've seen a lot!"
Elena Bertozzi, Associate Professor of Game Design & Development, Quinnipiac University

"Awesome, one of the most enjoyable and engaging classroom tools you'll ever use. I can't believe the progress the students have made after just 12 sessions"
Ross Conboy, TY coordinator St Josephs College 'the Bish'

Our Team

Richard McCurry

Founder, CEO & Creative Lead

Richard speaks multiple languages and has a background in gamification, innovation in education and animation. He loves speaking Chinese, but hated learning it. So he dreamed up a stunningly simple way to teach it.

Sam Redfern

Founder & CTO

Sam’s award-winning games have had more than 7 million downloads worldwide. He is a university lecturer with a PhD in Computer Science, directs an e-learning MSc, and has been innovating teaching with technology for over 20 years.

Paul Wilson

Educational Lead & Head of Sales

Paul studied Mandarin at University and went on to teach Mandarin for 8 years at Brighton College, a multiple award winning school that has been at the forefront of Mandarin learning in the UK. Paul then worked as the Founding Headmaster of Brighton College in Singapore, an English and Mandarin dual language Prep School. He saw in Newby Chinese the potential to transform Mandarin learning globally and is excited to be spreading the word all over the world.

Erik Ma

Head of Sales, Australia & China

With nearly two decades of dedicated experience teaching Mandarin as a second language in Australian schools, Erik brings profound expertise and innovative teaching approaches. Erik is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and has actively led many national and international language projects.

Together, we are building Newby Chinese.

Partners & Investors

These are the people who are helping to make it happen.



Newby Chinese is on a roll.

  • 6000+ Users!

    The Newby Chinese system has now been used by 28 secondary schools, and presented to businesses and at academic conferences and careers tradeshows. Overall, more than 6000 users in Ireland, UK, and USA have learned beginner's Chinese the fun way!

  • Book Chapter Published

    We published a chapter about Newby Chinese, its pedagogy and its various games, in a book about new research into eLearning and 'serious games'. The chapter can be downloaded here for personal use. The full physical book can be ordered here.

  • Newby Chinese awarded 'Best Presentation Overall' at iGBL

    We presented a paper on and demonstrated Newby Chinese at the Irish Game Based Learning Conference, and were awarded a prize for Best Presentation Overall.

  • One Semester Done!

    Today Newby Chinese celebrated completing one full semester of teaching with its first client, St. Joseph's College ('The Bish') in Galway.

  • Newby Chinese presents at international academic conference

    Richard McCurry and Sam Redfern published an academic paper and demonstrated the Newby Chinese system at the international IEEE conference on Games, Entertainment & Media, as part of the Learning with Games panel. You can read our paper here.

  • Newby Chinese wins 'KPMG Best Emerging Business'

    Newby Chinese picked up the top prize from Enterprise Ireland's New Frontiers Business Accelerator program, becoming the 'KPMG Best Emerging Business' along with a prize of €10,000 from the sponsor.

  • Newby Chinese CEO Richard Mc Curry nets 'Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur' prize

    Richard Mc Curry, CEO of Newby Chinese came second in the regional final of Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur, bringing to two the amount of investors supporting this venture in Chinese Language Learning.

  • Newby Chinese lands investment of €50,000 from Enterprise Ireland

    In recognition of its high potential startup value, Enterprise Ireland has bought a stake in Newby Chinese Ltd. to the amount of €50,000 giving the startup company enough funding to begin with its first hire.

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